DSSO Staff



All of our staff are volunteers.   This means that none of the money donated to DSSO are used for salaries. We, the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community appreciate these staff for their hard work and time!

President Bill Drobkiewicz
Vice President Joelle Morgan
 Secretary Jacque Wattle
Treasurer   Dean Darling
Lead Advocate   Bill Drobkeiwicz
Outreach Director Bill Drobkeiwicz
Newsletter Editor Bill Drobkeiwicz
Event Coordinator &
Newsletter writer
Janice VanDomelen
Board of Trustees  Dennis Kane
Janice VanDomelen
Dennis Ross

In addition to the above staff, we have many other volunteers, such as RVCOG Liaison, Interpreter Agency Chair, Webmaster, various events Chairs and Committees (clean-up crews, decoration crews, judges, etc. for Valentine Party, Trout Derby, etc.)

DSSO is very dependent on having people volunteering for all events.  Without volunteers, there will be no DSSO.  If you wish to volunteer for one or more of our events, please contact Bill Drobkiewicz (541) 245-2549 (auto-answer tty).  The entire Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community really appreciate your help!